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MASTERMU - Season16 UPDATE v2.0

Posted in 09 Mar 2021 by mastermu

Hello everyone,
We Update our Server to Season16.
Now we are improving our Files for better GamePlay.

Bugs and Issues its normal to happen.
Report us as fast as possible everything wrong and we will fix.
Rollbacks may be necessary sometimes.



1- Gun Crusher UPDATE:

[Added] Gun Crusher Blessed Archangel Weapon*
[Added] Gun Crusher Blue Eye Weapon
[Added] Gun Crusher Silver Heart Weapon
[Added] Gun Crusher Wing Level4**
[Added] Gun Crusher Blue Eye SET
[Added] Gun Grusher Silver Heart SET
[Added] Gun Crusher Manticore SET

2- Dark Knight UPDATE:

[Added] BloodAngel ~ SilverHeart Shield in RuudShop
(Blue Eye Shield has 3% Damage Decrease Extra Option)
(Silver Heart Shield has 10% Damage Decrease Extra Option)

[Fixed] Solid Protection Skill (BK using Shield)
[Fixed] Combo Skill using 'Sword Blow'

3- Game Play UPDATE:

[Added] Gun Crusher Blessed Archangel Weapon* in CashShop Coin
[Added] Gun Crusher Wing Level3 in CashShop GP
[Added] Gun Crusher Wing Level4** in CashShop Coin
[Fixed] Excellent Options 'not-working' sometimes
[Fixed] Skills Grow Lancer Reload during PvP/Duel
[Fixed] Skills Slayer Reload during PvP/Duel
[Fixed] Crash During PvP BK vs SM
[Updated] New Items Manticore 1200 Level Requeriment OFF
[Updated] New Weapons Silver Heart 1200 Level Requeriment OFF

*Blessed of Gun Crusher is not working the 'archangel will skill' right now, we are working on that.
**Wing Level4 of Gun Crusher is not able to add Elemental Additional right now, we are working on that.